An insulating material with extraordinary properties

The SEGLIWA product range has included mica for more than 60 years. Mica’s outstanding thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties make it one of the most effective insulation materials. Of the various kinds of mica that are used for industrial applications, we carry muscovite and phlogopite.

Mica’s outstanding properties:

  • Excellent transparency
  • Acid and oil resistance
  • High compressive and bending strength
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • High thermal resistance
  • Mechanical cleavability up to 1/100 mm

  • Window for filling level displays and armatures
  • Insulation in electrical monitoring systems
  • Thermally conductive pads for transistors
  • Insulation in electrical devices from various industrial sectors
  • In calcinated form for refractometers
  • Mica capacitors

Owing to its excellent properties and various production forms, mica has become an indispensable material for many industrial applications, especially in the area of electrical engineering.
Mica splitting and fine mica are processed together with various resins to form high quality insulation materials. Our mica products are manufactured using cutting edge resin systems and continuously optimized technologies.

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