Mineral Reinforced Materials

High Thermal Resistance

Our range of mineral reinforced products includes insulating materials that are used primarily for thermal and electrical insulation in the steel and glass industry as well as in the production of industrial furnaces, machines, household appliances and heating systems. Instead of the now banned asbestos fibers, the production of mineral reinforced materials is based on various mineral, glass and aramid fibers as well as mica.

Products and Applications:

  • CALIN Insulation paper: Gaskets, expansion joints, drain and furnace liners
  • CALAN Insulating cardboard: Insulation and sealing in system, machine, furnace and device construction
  • CALIT Insulating plates: Material for furnace construction, foundries, glass works and other thermal engineering production facilities
  • SEWITHERM Insulation plates: For demanding electrical and mechanical requirements in thermal engineering production facilities
  • SEWISIL Sealing material: Sealing and insulation to meet demanding high pressure, electrical and thermal requirements
  • CANOL Cold adhesive: Bonding of materials made of calcium silicate, fiber cement and ceramics
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