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Together we decide, based on your requirements. Thanks to our comprehensive material expertise and knowledge of what is technically feasible, we are always able to provide you with sound advice and offer you customized solutions. A pronounced price-performance awareness is just as much a matter of course for us as prompt and goal-oriented implementation.

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Mica’s outstanding thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties make it one of the most effective insulation materials.



Owing to its excellent properties and various production forms, mica has become an indispensable material for many industrial applications, especially in the area of electrical engineering.

Mica products


Our range of mineral reinforced products includes insulating materials that are used primarily for thermal and electrical insulation.

Mineral reinforced materials



As insulating material laminates show excellent mechanical and electrical properties.



Owing to its special material properties, compressed laminated wood is used primarily in the transformer industry and as a means of thermal insulation in machines and electrical systems.

Compressed laminated wood