Laminated materials

As an insulating material, laminates have excellent mechanical and electrical properties. The use of special resins with varying amounts of glass allows the production of product qualities with application-related, specific properties for the electrical industry as well as for model making and mechanical engineering.

Laminates are thermosetting sheets made of laminated paper, fabric and mats. They are characterized by extreme durability and excellent mechanical and electrical strength. We supply both semi-finished and finished products manufactured according to customer specifications

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Our product range

  • Laminated paper
  • Melamine laminated paper
  • Laminated cotton fabric
  • Laminated glass fabric
  • Laminated glass mats
  • Tubes/bars made of laminates

Main fields of application

  • Electrical industry with applications from power generation to power distribution or drive technology
  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Chemical industry