Mica products

The pressure to produce smaller units with increasingly greater power output places ever greater demands on insulating materials and insulating systems.

For electrical engineering, the mineral group of mica is therefore irreplaceable due to its excellent dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties in various processing forms. In combination with appropriate resins, the mica is processed into high-quality products such as split mica and fine mica (impregnated mica paper). New resin systems and constantly improved technologies make our mica products the environmentally friendly materials of the future

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Heater micanite

  • Heating wire coils
  • Insulation of metallic parts in electrically heated industrial equipment, household appliances and high performance resistors
  • Intermediate layers, washers and spacers in electrical equipment

Mica foil

  • Insulation of coils and interconnections in high and low voltage machines and generator rods
  • Production of press molded parts

Formed micanite

  • Formed parts
  • Filling for the hollow spaces in the coils and rods of high voltage machines

Mica tapes

  • Rubiflex: Insulation of winding heads and switches in high voltage electric machines
  • Rubifol: Insulation of profile wire
  • Rubitherm: Hot press molding (resin rich technology)
  • Pyroflex: Insulation of conductors in flame resistant safety wire

Flexible micanite

  • Voltage-proof wrapping in electric machines
  • Intermediate layers in the coils of electric machines
  • Base layers in generator rods
  • High temperature resistant gaskets
  • Industrial furnace liners

Semicavolt tubes and profiles

  • Insulation of conductor rods
  • Carriers and shields for resistance conductors used for heating purposes
  • Insulation of bolts in resistors
  • Feeds to slip rings in slip ring assemblies
  • Induction heating systems, heating chambers and hot-air devises