Mineral reinforced materials

In the product group mineral press materials, our range includes insulating materials that are mainly used for thermal and electrical insulation in the steel, glass and press industries as well as in industrial furnaces, machine and apparatus construction and in household appliance and heating technology. For the production of mineral press materials, various minerals, glass and aramid fibres as well as mica are used today instead of the banned asbestos fibre.

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CALIN Insulating papers

  • Seals, expansion joints, channel and combustion chamber linings

SEWITHERM insulating boards

  • For increased electrical and mechanical requirements in thermotechnical production plants

CALAN insulating cardboards

  • Insulation and sealing in plant, machinery,
    furnace and apparatus engineering

SEWISIL sealing material

  • Sealing and insulation for high pressure, electrical and thermal requirements

CALIT insulating boards

  • Construction materials for furnace construction, foundries, glass industry, other thermotechnical production plants

CANOL cold setting adhesive

  • Bonding of materials made of calcium silicates, fibrous cements, ceramics